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The route traverses the Southern Drakensberg foothills using gravel roads, jeep tracks, cattle paths, single-track and a very occasional snippet of tar road.


The route incorporates approximately 350km of the already established Freedom Trail.  The Freedom Trail follows the route commonly taken by Trappist Monks linking mission stations as they headed into the area previously known as Noman's Land. It takes in interesting countryside that is rich in history and culture.



The terrain is very undulating with few portions of prolonged flat road. Gravel roads link the more interesting valleys and mountain passes, which often incorporate disused vehicular tracks and cattle tracks formed mainly from oxen dragging firewood down the mountains. There are some exceptionally fun flowing paths and technically challenging portions, even un-ridable in parts. There are no prolonged hike-a-bike sections as found in the traditional Freedom Challenge events but the are sections where you will be required to carry your bike a a few hundred meters at a time.

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